Timber Framed Houses

A timber framed house differs from a conventional one in that it uses lumber to provide support for the whole structure as opposed to a brick framework. This type of structure negates the need for load bearing interior walls, meaning the timber framing is left exposed, which adds to the appeal of a home. Besides the beauty of it, a majority of prospective homeowners prefer timber framed structures because they have great design flexibility, particularly when dealing with open floor plans. You also get a variety of interior decoration alternatives with a timber-framed space. At A1 Architecture UK, we have experts in timber-framed construction who will be indispensable persons in your project.

The Need for Expertise

Putting together timber framed houses requires a lot of precision; you cannot afford to have margins for error, thus the usefulness of an architect. Since the interior of the home is exposed, the smallest miscalculation can ruin the entire design. With our trained professionals you can count on dan wood architect designs that factor in the demands of your home. As with a regular building, a timber-framed one has to adhere to the basic standards of comfort and functionality. Our design experts at A1 Architecture UK will take your budget into consideration as well. Before you give the green light on a project, you must know that the intended construction will not overrun costs, and that is where we come in. Part of our job is to check if your development is possible, depending on various regulations.

Why Timber Framed

You may wonder what advantages timber framed houses offer, and one of that is quality dwellings. The improved technology and dan wood architect designs guarantee that owners get superior quality structures that last a long time. With the right people working on the project, you can count on enhanced health and safety standards in your home. The environmental friendliness of timber construction is the biggest reason they have grown in popularity. The use of timber in buildings reduces the carbon footprint in the environment because the CO2 remains in the lumber as long as it exists. At A1 Architecture UK, we can help you make the most of your timber framed homes by providing the best designs.