Stages of an Architectural Project

Complex Roof Construction Complex Roof Construction
O – Survey

To complete a detailed measured survey and produce a set of ‘As Existing’ plans, sections & elevations.


A – Needs and Options Review

Initial 1 hour meeting with client to discuss the following:

  • To obtain a Chartered Professionals opinion on the feasibility of the project. A1 Architecture UK, leading home extension expert will advise on the potential opportunities and risks associated with your project
  •  To produce an outline brief detailing rooms, sizes, orientations etc…
  • To discuss potential outline solutions in outline form
  •  To discuss ‘look and feel’ of a potential scheme
  • To discuss the Planning vaiability of the project and of your ideas
  • To give outline construction costing for budget useage
  • Outline requirements for Building Regulations
  • To discuss the opportunties and any limitations of the site
  • To discuss clients duties and responsiblities under the Construction (Design and Management Regulations 2007) ‘CDM Regs’
  • The discuss the clients duties under the Party Wall Act
  • All travel costs included in price for the Gloucester region, (other areas beyond this area are charged at cost)
  • Production of report including the above
  • Report includes schedule of services & fee proposal on next stages of the project
  • Consulation cost credited to your accont on progression to next stages

A doctor would not operate witout a proper diagnosis, this initial consulation works in the same way. This initial consulation provides a strategy designed to precisely understand your requirements, then to give findings and reccomendations and a plan to move forward with a timeline and budget.

B – Feasibility Studies

Preparation of sketch drawings to illustrate tentative proposals for discussion and development with client, and for preliminary discussions with authorities etc.

C – Final Scheme Drawings (Planning)

Preparation of final scheme drawings and details; submission to client and suitable for submission under the Town and Country Planning Acts.


D – Detail Design (Building Regs.)

Commencing production information drawings for contractors use. Developing scheme to a stage suitable for submission under Building Acts, Regulations and other statutory requirements, and completion of applications for statutory approvals where necessary.


E – Production Information

Proceeding with production information including drawings, schedules and specifications suitable for the purposes of a tender.


F – Contract Preparation and Administration

Inviting building contractors and specialist sub-contractors and suppliers to submit formal tenders and quotations for the work. Considering offers received and making recommendations thereon to the client. Preparing contract documents as necessary and arranging for their execution. Giving instructions to appointed contractors on behalf of the client, inspecting work in progress to determine whether the contractor is fulfilling his obligations under the contract, carrying out other administrative duties entailed. Certifying interim applications for payment on account of work properly carried out, considering and agreeing final certificate of payment due under contract. Supplying client with a set of “as built” drawings, service drawings and maintenance manual, if required.