New Homes

I have had over 40 years’ experience in house construction and construction design.  And recently have been appointed as a Dan-Wood Architect, to represent the South West of England to obtain Planning and Building Regulation Approval for their timber frame house types, both of standard design or to your own personalised design.


This now allows for a 4th way to owning a new build house

1.        Buying it via an estate agent.

2.       Buying it ‘off plan’ from a developer.

3.       Buy the land, build your own house yourself.

4.       Buy the land, choose your new home design, fixtures and finishes, whilst Dan-Wood constructs your home in a factory and then erects it on your site within 12 weeks, for a fixed price as quoted on their website with the optional extras as chosen by you.

Unlike, building it yourself where your building construction skills and time may be lacking and the cost of building a house can easily escalate if you’re not careful, you can still chose you own site location and know that your new home would be built to high standards of both design and specification and fully covered with a 20 year warranty.