Architectural Services

Bespoke Architectural Services

A1 Architecture UK boasts nearly four decades of experience within the industry of construction and building design. Whether a client is looking to renovate an existing room, to build a new addition to their home or to completely change the appearance of an existing structure, our experts are here to help. Thanks to a personalised approach to these architectural services and the use of modern technological innovations, even the most challenging tasks are well within reach. Let us examine how this talent can work for you.

More than Blueprints Alone

While there is no doubt that traditional blueprints and surveys are critical during the conceptualisation process, the fact of the matter is that technology has changed the ways in which a structure can be envisioned. In other words, the 3D home is now a reality. A1 Architecture UK utilises the latest architectural visualization equipment. This is beneficial for a few reasons. First, the customer will have a much more “hands-on” view in regards to the end result. Three-dimensional planning can also allow builders to view structures from numerous angles and points of view; ideal when taking aesthetics into account. Finally, it is often much easier to determine the cost of a project as opposed to incurring surprise expenses along the way.

Clarity from the Beginning

We are fully aware that many projects will have to be completed in discrete stages and that the local authorities may be involved. This can be daunting to the customer, so we are pleased to provide an in-depth consultation. This meeting will address the following issues (amongst others):

  • Whether the project falls under the permitted development status.
  • To discuss any potential limitations.
  • To clarify the duties and responsibilities of the client.
  • To outline fees, services and the general proposal.

In this manner, we aim to avoid any unforeseen snags along the way while streamlining the processes involved with obtaining permission from the authorities to begin a specific project.

Targeted Technology with a Traditional Touch

Although we are quite pleased to be able to work with cutting-edge 3D rendering and computer-aided software, the fact of the matter is that building solid relationships with the client from the very beginning has always been the key to our success. If you have an upcoming project or you would like to learn more about our services, feel free to contact us directly.