New Planning Rules – A1 Guidance and Risks

 Single Storey Extension - Under Construction Single Storey Extension - Under Construction

First – check with the new planning rules to see if you can comply with the 17 conditions set out in the New Lawful Development Rules, details of which can be found on this site.

Confirm that Planning Permission will not be required.

This would save you the Local Authority Planning Application fee and if within the old PD ‘Permitted Development’ rules, will only cause a 2 week delay, however if it complies with the new rules, there may be a delay of up-to 6 weeks as you would have to make a neighbour consultation scheme ‘NCS’ applicationduring which time neighbors can raise objections and if deemed reasonable will cause the planners to refuse the development, although you would still have a right to appeal.

If your proposal failsthe 17 conditions as set out or is refused within the neighbours consultation period (or appeal), you would have no choice other than to make a Full Planning application as normal.

If however you do comply with these rules and are eligible to build your project without Planning Permission, we advise the following:

As the NCS, allows for a written description of the project being acceptable, (to allow the Local Authority to check on compliance with their rules).

You might think that drawings are not required and this is good news as it will save you money and time.
Technically this is correct; however without professionally advice and produced architectural drawings you will be putting yourself at number of risks, unless you are very experienced in the construction process: